Dealrt is a service that lets people easily, safely and quickly exchange goods via Twitter!


The first Deal is closed!

That Macbook of mine is sold! Ana bought it from me for a measly 185 euro’s. Now I’m spending that on a cake and beers to celebrate that the idea works :-)

Are you coming for some?

Yes, the first Deals can be made!

The design is still not 100% what we have in mind for you but we’re getting there! In the mean time; why don’t you think of something you could sell on Dealrt?

use to set up a new deal! Each Deal gets its own number, currently we’ve got 5 Deals on the service. We would love to have some more so we can start of with a nicely filled site.

Tomorrow the design will sweeten up with a filled homepage including the most popular Deals for better navigation. The coming weeks we will be working on the extra pages like popular Deals and your account page. Also promotion is going to start after next week so this is the moment to get in, try it out while it’s still dirty and earn some kudos with us :-)

We really love good Deals, especially now, on Dealrt!

Thanks for reading and if you want, sharing.